Baby Cod Fish and Pork Seaweed Bibimbap 秋田满满宝宝鳕鱼猪肉拌饭海苔碎

Baby Cod Fish and Pork Seaweed Bibimbap 秋田满满宝宝鳕鱼猪肉拌饭海苔碎


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(Ready Stock)秋田满满 鳕鱼猪肉拌饭海苔碎40g 12m+

保 质 期:9个月


净含量 :45g/罐

➢ 30%干紫菜—富含丰富碘和硒

➢ 芝麻:补充钙 铁 锌 硒 蛋白质等营养

➢ 阿拉斯加鳕鱼含丰富鱼蛋白和DHA

➢ 每100g产品含钙量高达437mg

➢ 减盐工艺,无添加淀粉、香精色素、防腐剂,安全放心

(Ready Stock) QTMM Cod and Pork Bibimbap Seaweed Minced 40g 12m+

Shelf life: 9 months

Suitable for the crowd: babies over 12 months

Net content: 45g/can

➢ 30% dried seaweed—rich in iodine and selenium

➢ Sesame: supplement calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, protein and other nutrients

➢ Alaska cod is rich in fish protein and DHA

➢ The calcium content per 100g product is as high as 437mg

➢ Salt reduction process, no added starch, flavor and pigment, preservatives, safe and secure

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