Baby Baked Seaweed Slices秋田满满烘焙海苔片

Baby Baked Seaweed Slices秋田满满烘焙海苔片


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(Ready Stock)秋田满满 烘焙海苔片 原味  19g (10袋) 8m+

保 质 期:12个月


净含量 :19g/10袋

➢ 纯海苔片100% 紫菜

➢ 烘焙非油炸,低热量,不容易上火

➢ 原味不额外添加,配料简单干净就只有紫菜

➢ 高蛋白相当于牛奶的15倍

➢ 是零食,也是主食,独立防潮包装,卫生健康

(Ready Stock) QTMM Baked Seaweed slices original flavor 19g (10 bags) 8m+

Shelf life: 12 months

Suitable for : babies over 8 months old

Net content: 19g/10 bags

➢ Pure seaweed sheet 100% nori

➢ Baking non-fried, low calorie, not easy to get angry

➢ The original flavor does not add extra, the ingredients are simple and clean, only seaweed

➢ High protein equivalent to 15 times of milk

➢ It is a snack and a staple food, with independent moisture-proof packaging, hygienic and healthy

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